First Birthday!


I cannot BELIEVE that this blog is already turning a whole 365-days-old. She’s growing up so fast. She’s learned so much, like not putting up new posts at 11pm when no one is reading the internet, and not taking pictures when there’s no light (I mean REALLY).

I know all blogs say they appreciate when people read their stuff, but I really truly get knee-slapping, warm-fuzzy happy every time I get a new “like,” or a new comment, or a high-traffic day. It’s a fun game for me to try to learn what interests people who stumble across my blog. It’s even more fun to have a place to spill my random thoughts, and show how all of these random thoughts circle back to food in some way. This pattern of thinking is honestly not even intentional or for the blog’s sake; it is just how my mind works. As you can see in the image above, food (specifically cake) has never been a joking matter to me.

As a 1-year blog birthday gift to myself, I worked with the incredibly talented Hillary at h.creative to create a logo to tie this whole blog together. She nailed it immediately (literally on the first try), and even gave me a variation that highlights my purple love (see Facebook page).

Thank you for reading, internet friends! You’re the best. Happy eating 🙂

4 thoughts on “First Birthday!

  1. Marcia Kraut

    Hi Veggie,I was told of your posts by my daughter and your friend Liz.I am enjoying it very much, and have tried many of your recipes ,I also really like your comments .Keep it up,Marcia


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